No Deal: Healthcare Bill Is More “Art”

The Republicans could not get consensus on repealing and replacing of Obamacare. After much campaigning, debating, promising, and not to mention millions of dollars spent on Trumpcare bill, the bill was pulled at the last minute because of concerns of not enough votes to pass. The Republican party is diverse and reaching an agreement with […]

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Types Of Health Insurance Plans: PPO vs HMO

If you want to live a happy life in US, you will surely need to have an appropriate health insurance. But purchasing a health insurance plan isn’t as easy as it sounds. Health insurances can be one of the most puzzling topics. There are so many types of health insurances, and so many different ways […]

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How To Find The Best Health Insurance

Health insurance for individuals is insurance that someone buys for themselves on their own and not through their company. You can find affordable health insurance plans for your family, children, or just for yourself. Many people are able to receive personal health insurance through their job, or a government program that they qualify for, but […]

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