Insurance Agents

Learn Online Strategies for the New Health Insurance Options.

Obamacare shocked the health insurance industry with the introduction of the ACA. It had many benefits and unintended benefits. Many of the unintended benefits were at the sacrifice of small businesses, the insurance agents/brokers and vertical industries. Most insurance agents and brokers were not able to compete head-to-head with the United States government, resulting is high loss of policies in uncertain times.

Hope is not lost. The traditional form or sales and marketing has also changed the insurance industry. Those who sat by doing nothing saw most of their book of business evaporate into thin air. The insurance industry is now on online insurance industry and to compete you have to able to have a website, sales process, pay-per-click advertising, and tracking results. The old days of telemarketing and sales letters are over.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then contact us. We can help get you back on track with a game plan to come into the technology age. Internet sales leads can be generated and closed with a better closing ratio than other older sales strategies.

We have broker who want to buy a book of business if you want to retire and get out of the insurance industry all together. This is a wise option if technology and the pace of change is overwhelming to you. We maintain a list of insurance brokers who willing to buy your insurance book of business. Don’t let this opportunity close, because each time you loose a client, the value of your insurance book of business declines.